Our Key Features

Data-Driven Regulations

Develop and enforce regulations grounded in data for balanced motor carrier safety and operational efficiency.

Safety Information Systems

Utilize advanced systems to identify and target higher-risk carriers, ensuring stringent safety regulation enforcement.

Educational Outreach

Disseminate targeted educational messages to carriers, drivers, and the public, promoting safe driving practices.

Stakeholder Partnerships

Collaborate with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to collectively reduce bus and truck-related crashes.

Best Feature

Comprehensive Safety Dashboard

"The ZMS ELD Comprehensive Safety Dashboard is an intuitive and powerful tool designed to provide real-time insights and analytics for commercial motor vehicle safety. This dashboard is central to our commitment to enhancing road safety and operational efficiency.

  • Real-Time Data Monitoring
  • Safety Metrics and Analytics
  • Compliance Alerts
  • User-Friendly Interface

ZMS ELD Mobile App

Enhance your fleet's safety and compliance on the go with the ZMS ELD Mobile App. Our mobile app is designed to provide seamless access to essential safety and compliance features, right from your smartphone or tablet. Whether you're a fleet manager, driver, or safety officer, the ZMS ELD Mobile App offers the tools you need to stay connected and informed, no matter where you are.

Access real-time data on vehicle location, driver behavior, and compliance status directly from your mobile device

Receive instant alerts for compliance issues, safety events, and other critical updates, ensuring you're always informed and ready to take action.

Seamlessly integrate with ELD systems to track hours of service (HOS) and ensure compliance with FMCSA regulations.

Empower drivers with tools to monitor their own performance, receive feedback, and access safety resources to improve their driving habits.

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Comprehensive Features of ZMS ELD

ZMS ELD is a robust and innovative solution designed to enhance the safety, compliance, and efficiency of commercial motor vehicle operations. Our platform integrates cutting-edge technology, data-driven strategies, and user-friendly interfaces to provide a comprehensive suite of features that meet the diverse needs of fleet managers, drivers, and safety officers.

Our Happy Clients say
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ZMS ELD has revolutionized our fleet management operations

The real-time monitoring and compliance alerts have significantly improved our safety standards and operational efficiency. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for our team to access and interpret data, enabling us to make informed decisions quickly.

John Doe

John Doe

Fleet Manager at DM Logistics

ZMS ELD's comprehensive safety dashboard has been invaluable

As a safety officer, ZMS ELD's comprehensive safety dashboard has been invaluable. The detailed safety metrics and analytics allow us to identify potential risks and address them proactively. The educational outreach feature has also been instrumental in promoting safe driving practices among our drivers.

Jane Smith

Jane Smith

Safety Officer at Vamar Transport

ZMS ELD has helped us maintain high safety standards and regulatory compliance

The integration with ELD systems and the customizable reports have made compliance management straightforward and hassle-free. ZMS ELD has helped us maintain high safety standards and regulatory compliance, giving us peace of mind and allowing us to focus on growing our business

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Owner of Johnson Trucking

Real-Time Fleet Monitoring

Track the real-time status of your entire fleet, including vehicle location, driver behavior, and operational metrics. This feature ensures you have up-to-date information at your fingertips, enabling proactive management and swift decision-making.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Access a comprehensive safety dashboard that provides real-time insights and analytics. The dashboard is designed for ease of use, ensuring that critical information is easily accessible and actionable.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Integration

eamlessly integrate with ELD systems to automate the tracking of hours of service (HOS), ensuring compliance with FMCSA regulations and reducing the administrative burden on drivers and fleet managers.

Mobile App Accessibility:

Utilize the ZMS ELD Mobile App to stay connected and informed on the go. The app offers all essential features, including real-time monitoring, instant alerts, and customizable reports, directly from your mobile device.

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